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Literature review, also known as a critique, is an explanation of published work that is relevant to your subject or study. However, you can make comments on what you've read and compare the findings of different authors' investigations; this is an opportunity for you to learn more about your field of study and exhibit your awareness of the theoretical backdrop of your project. It also enables you to identify research gaps and demonstrate how your proposal might address them. The outcome is also available.

In large works like a PhD thesis, the Literature Review is usually treated as a single chapter. Your introductory chapter, titled Introduction and History, will most likely be used in a final year project. When working on a Ph.D., you must avoid duplicating previous research and identify topics that require further investigation before you begin. For final year tasks, searching the literature and producing a critique demonstrates your capacity to source content, which is a talent that would be valuable in the industry.Furthermore, writing in your own words about what you've read can show your boss that you can understand and summarise scholarly articles in your field of study.

The length of your literature review will be determined by the size of your work, which is likely to be related to the number of modules assigned to it. Before starting your project, make sure you understand your supervisor's expectations and specifications for your written report.

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A dissertation literature review accounts for 40% of the final grade. As a result, more effort should be made to collect comprehensive, up-to-date literature from various countries or conducted among various ethnic groups. The following are some of the most difficult aspects of a literature review: comparing various authors' points of view, objectively examining methods, identifying research differences, going through a research study with links to previous studies, interpreting research criteria, and so on. Many of these difficult requirements necessitate a detailed study of the literature. In this regard, it is necessary to gather relevant literature, which includes empirical, historical, and philosophical literature related to the problem at hand. Any academic research thesis should include a summary of the available literature.

We are recognizing the difficult demands of reading large amounts of literature, experts from Ph.D. The assistance provides assistance in this area to alleviate the academic burden. We have Ph.D. experts who will review the literature in relation to the thesis study and establish the dissertation review section in depth. We have years of experience providing literature review content to needy students in all dissertation academic disciplines.

When mentoring Ph.D. Dissertation Literature Review, we go through the following steps:

• Compare the points of view of the various authors on the issues
• Choose and write about a community of researchers who reach similar conclusions by organizing ideas and removing irrelevant data.
• Planning in terms of disciplinary area and methods for literature reviews (qualitative, quantitative, theory, methodology)
• Draw attention to the various areas of disagreement among the contributors.
• Emphasizes research discrepancies and case studies
• Demonstrate how your research compares to previous research.
• Demonstrate how your research relates to the existing literature.
• In conclusion, summarizing what the literature says

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