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M.Tech & PhD Projects Guidance & Development

Techieshubhdeep It Solution Pvt Ltd Provides Complete Guidance For PhD & M Tech Researcher On Different Technologies. We Provide You Complete Guidance in Following Way.

We Provide You full Solution For PhD & MTech Researcher:
Step 1:

  • Problem Identification
  • Clear Problem Statement By Comparing Earlier Approaches
  • Design Literature Study
  • System Study
  • Proposed Model
  • Mathematical Model
  • Algorithm
  • Flow Design
  • Experimental Study
  • Performance
  • Comparison Study And Discussion
  • Conclusion And Future Enhancement

Step 2: Thesis Publishing
Step 3: PRC Meeting and Reviews
Step 4: Presentation
Step 5: Viva Preparation
Step 6: External Reviews

Techieshubhdeep provides M.Tech & PhD projects development guidance for IEEE base paper selection. Techieshubhdeep are develops all design to justify different requirement of Academic or university, for the achievement of Master (M.Tech) or PhD degree. Techieshubhdeep cover all the core section like Electronics & Communication Engineering (Cognitive radio, cooperative communication, MIMO, OFDM etc.), Digital Image Processing (Image segmentation, Image registration, Image diagnosing etc.), Digital Signal Processing (DCT, FFT , DWT, filters etc.), Electrical Engineering (power system, renewable energy, control system etc.), Computer Science Engineering (data mining, web mining, network security, wireless sensor networks) and Information Technology Engineering. Techieshubhdeep provides assistance & support in your M.Tech and PhD thesis projects. We provide guidance for selecting a project topic.

Our Salient Features

  • Guidance with Team Viewer and Skype
  • Expert Writers
  • Good conversation with the Researcher
  • Awaring researcher with new technologies
  • Innovative approach to the research subject
  • Guiding the researcher about accurate formatting
  • Guiding the researcher for proper structure
  • 100% Plagiarism Free Guaranteed
  • Customer satisfaction

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We Work On Different Fields Like

  • Computer Networks
  • Cloud computing
  • Image Processing
  • Network Security
  • Information Retrievals
  • Real time System
  • Data Mining
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Communication Engineering
  • Wireless Protocols
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Simulation and Research work

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